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Hi, my name is

Ananda Ganesha Maaruf

I am a Freelance Web Developer, English Tutor, Social Media Officer


You should meet me first

There is no telling what I might be capable of. I started off as someone who took an interest in English language. But to be frank, I am keen on enriching myself with the knowledge of language in general. Graduated from SMAN 11 Bandung, I decided to take the mantle of an English Language major student at STBA Yapari-ABA Bandung. I have a knack for grammar and language structure, let it be in English or Indonesia. I generally don’t learn as quickly as I did during my years of study. I guess, once I’m passionate about something, I really do get the bottom of it, leading to my graduating with 3.70 GPA (cum laude).

I am a hard-worker, a team player, and can also work independently. I had a chance to be a vice president of translation seminar committee, and I believe it gave me a useful insight in organizational skill.

I had a taste in being a journalist. One of the few activities I had was taking a part of Journalism Club called KOMA at college. I had no prior experience whatsoever when it comes to writing, but I proved to have a certain knowledge of editorial, reporting, proofreading, etc.

My hobby is web developing, and anything digital. Ever since my childhood, internet always fascinates me. I could never forget the first era of Friendster, and how in my high school I already published my first blog ever. The struggle of blogwalking and SEO Optimization made me excited at the time. I remember when it first marked the Google Page Rank 3.


What I do the best


I managed social media for students' `senate and KOMA for a brief time.


I love grammar so much. I'm a grammar-nazi. Also good at PUEBI.


Making someone understands English is always my pleasure.


English <> Indonesia. I am a English major graduate, after all.


So far, WordPress is my forte. Hope soon I'll be able to diversify.


My experience as journalist has made me used to writing articles.


Where did I get my skills

SEP 2014 — JUL 2018


Resulting in my S.Li degree, majored in English Language

The moment where I truly realized my potential

Some say that college is a place of wonder. I couldn’t agree more. I had so many amazing memories during my time here, and was able to obtain the acknowledgement of “Mahasiswa Berprestasi di Bidang Akademik Tahun 2016”, receiving a small scholarship as well. In further year, I also managed to receive second scholarship on Bantuan Walikota program in 2017.

SEP 2010 — APR 2013

SMAN 11 Bandung

Social Science

I was active in three extracurriculars.

I was a part of Red Cross Youth as the mandatory activity of my choosing, and have attended several training such as Training of Trainers along with weekly activities. I was also a member of TLC (Technology Lovers Community), marking my first journey in digital endeavors. And then, KARIB (Islamic Dakwah Institute).


Where did I get experience

SEP 2018 — NOW


As a tutor in English and Bahasa

I believe we all have part to play in this world, and being a tutor is just as contributing to the world as any other profession.

I recently just started tutoring again in English and Bahasa for elementary and junior high school student. This has helped me hone my communication skill and, apparently, my patient.


  • Making sure to give needed lesson according to the students' wishes
  • Evaluating the students' progress as they go along further with each session
  • Solving the problems the students have in learning

DEC 2015 — APR 2016


As an English Tutor

This marks the day where I got to be a tutor for the first time.

Not much I can say about my experience here, but needless to say that I was still learning the ropes here. However, despite the fact, I managed to make a student excel at English and periodically got a good score. 

SEP 2016 — JUL 2018


As a reporter, an editor, and someone responsible for the website.

A door was opened for me. A door leading to the world of journalism.

Aside from writing, I have learned to establish questions that I need to ask to interviewees. Which one is important to keep, which one isn’t. I also learned a bit of copy-writing as my work here necessitated the ability to attract readers through the title alone. I was entrusted the responsibility to be editor. So far, there has been 50 articles I wrote, give or take.


Some of clients I worked with or was a part of


Highlited projects I worked on

Hotel Pondok Kurnia Website

KOMA Website

Mahasiswa Berprestasi di Bidang Akademik Tahun 2016

1st Winner

Business Plan Competition for Creative Young Entrepreneur Project in AIESEC Bandung, Indonesia (2011)

Juara 2 Lomba Cipta Web

Dies Natalis Mahasiswa Ilmu Komputer UPI ke-6 (2011)

Penyerahan Hibah BAWAKU Wali Kota Bandung 2017


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