How I Wish Dynasty Warriors 8 Had Been More Like Its Predecessor, Dynasty Warriors 7

I recently just installed a game I once played a few years back. See if you can guess right what game it is. It is hack-and-slash. Its game-play is dynamic. It’s action-packed. Its story is the adaptation of the romance of three kingdom. Ready?

It’s Dynasty Warriors. Damn, the last clue is what gave it away, isn’t it?

How I Wish Dynasty Warriors 8 Had Been More Like Its Predecessor, Dynasty Warriors 7

I am sure you must have also played one game of the series at least once in your life. That is, if you are like me which is a fan of cutting down mindless AIs and simple beat ’em all experience who can make you feel a hero, instead of getting killed constantly fighting with real people (and having your mother crucified continuously).

Aside from the things already said earlier, do you know what I like the most about the series? It never actually changes (Except for Dynasty Warriors 9. Ugh, what an abomination). Of course like the rest of franchise, they keep adding a few improvements and near-to-unnoticeable tweak to make it seem a different game for each publish. However, the “soul” of the game that everyone knew what they were expecting, it’s always there; the feeling to see hundreds of enemies getting killed at once by mere a few button combinations. Heck yeah!

They just relaunched Dynasty Warriors 7 not too long ago. I’m not sure what’s different this time. Maybe the visual. But, what I am going to discuss here is its comparison with its successor, Dynasty Warriors 8. (Again, still not talking about Dynasty Warriors 9. I kinda don’t like….. everything about it. But more on that later).

I saw the reviews on Dynasty Warriors 7’s Steam page, and to be honest, I am taken aback on how positive the majority of the reception was. I am thinking, why would anyone be inclined to take a step backwards and play an older game rather than playing the supposed-to-be better one: Dynasty Warriors 8? Then it hit me. I, too, have played DW 8 and while I enjoy it, there are something about it that I wish had been more like DW 7.


I wish Dynasty Warriors 8 difficulty could have been more like Dynasty Warriors 7
Why don’t you guys just die already!??

I am not talking about its variation. I think they both have the same, ranging from easy to nightmare. What I want to focus on is the “normal difficulty”. In DW 8, normal feels like… how do i put it… boring. The skirmish in early stage has way too lot of HP, and trying to beat them all almost feels like a chore. Whereas in DW 7, it’s not that way. Sure, it takes kinda long to beat the boss but at least when you slash through the minions, they stay down. Just like it’s supposed to be.

Combat system

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The most of what you do in both games are generally the same. You press a button, the enemy is hit, enemy is dead, rinse and repeat. What makes it apart is “the triangle system”. In DW 8, your weapon may have advantage or disadvantage over the one your enemy has. While some of you might think this is an improvement, I simply prefer DW 7 where you can just pick any weapon you like without having to worry about how it bodes against your enemies’.

Character selection

Sometimes, being given less choice can be a very good thing. At least, this is what I feel about the character selection in DW7 (which is none!). Because, in story mode, the developers can do a better job at improving the immersion by setting certain character to a stage, having it more tailored to each character. DW 7 story mode feels more befitting, while in DW 8, I often find myself wondering which character out of three that will suit the story the best.


That’s it folks. I always have a fun time playing Dynasty Warriors although it can get boring after awhile, This is all just my opinion and it most certainly can differ with what you have in mind. So, what do you guys think? Which one is better between DW 7 and DW 8? What part do you like or don’t like about both games? Feel free to voice your opinion on the comment section below.


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